Sunday, December 09, 2007


I have been looking forward to this weekend for a while now...the chance to celebrate the holidays with friends, introduce Mia Hope and watch her and her brothers laugh and run around.
Our good friends kicked off the season with their annual holiday party, and as always, it was a great night of mingling, eating and laughing. I also got to put a holiday dress on 'someone' !!
(However, isn't it tough getting everyone dressed, gussied up and out the door = stressful??!) I would have loved to get a pic of my 3 children together, but between the struggling to get dressed: "E" and the major poopy diaper : "M" , we were lucky to get out the door on time!!
Anyway, Mia's China sister, Meaghan Grace was at this party; and as always we tried to get a decent photo of the cutie pies.... and as always, we didn't!!!! We never give up girls, so you'd better throw in the towel and just sit pretty and smile!! Seriously, it is always special to have Mia and Meggie in the same room and watch them interact. It really hit me last night...this is their first Christmas home with their families and their first Christmas together. Meggie's mom and I pray that they share a special bond and that they will always be there for each other... ok, enough sap...enjoy the photos:

Mia is a bad influence with the thumb sucking :)

Michelle, Meggie, Mommy & Mia !

"Time to go already, mom ?"
*I love how Mia struts herself through a crowd. As soon as we arrived and her jacket was off, she took off into the playroom . . . and I followed behind! You see, my boys always took a while to warm up and would basically be at my side for the first...two hours or so! It was so much fun to watch her maneuver around and play with the toys. She investigates everything!
Thanks Jenn & Gene for a great night ~ I will always remember it as Mia's first!
Today, Sunday we have our first FCC holiday party!! It is our first FCC function with Mia home and I cannot wait to introduce her and see all the other cuties!! Stay tuned: there will also be another photo shoot with Mia and Meaghan... wish us luck :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo -

These pictures came out real nice. It's extra special for you this year. It's so nice that M has Meggie. What nice memories..

Aunt Michie...:)

Beverly said...

The one of the thumb suckers is absolutely adorable.


Colleen said...

Mia looks just stunning! What a pretty dress! Looks like a great time. I know what you mean about trying to get a picture of all that my boys are older it is even harder!

Kimber said...

I am having a really hard time leaving you a comment tonight:(

Anyway, Mia and Meggie and Mommies look beautiful at the party. It is such a special Chrsitmas for us all. I am thrilled for you. You are so lucky to have Meggie right there and Michlle.