Friday, December 07, 2007


I'm often asked "isn't it fun dressing a girl?" , hmmm let me think for a millisecond:
What makes it tons of fun, is that Mia is a girly girl through and through! As you know she loves shoes and pocketbooks; and she also loves putting on braclets and now necklaces :) She will pat her wrist or neck, which means " where's the bling, mama?!"

"E" and I took out some dress up jewels for Mia and we were cracking up at her. I still cannot believe she wore the clip-on earrings!

Not a great photo, but "E" has his arm around his sis!

~ Deep concentration ~

~ Looking for her ring ~

~ A pretty bag for her jewels ~

~ The earrings kill me! ~

~ Even a princess can tire of her jewels, especially
when it's bed time ~

Come on, give me some credit here ~ this wasn't easy, considering what I have to work with!!


Barbara said...

You've got to love the earrings lol! She is too cute. You wanted a girl and you got a true girly girl :) Keep having lots of fun!

Barbara said...

BTW Good job with the pony tails...she looks so, so cute!!!

Vicky said...

Mia is so so so adorable !!! I love her bling !!

Vicky & Emily

Anonymous said...

These are too cute! I love the pony tails! She is a little

Aunt Michie :)