Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The day after Mia's big party we took her for some more bling! Oh boy, did I feel guilty as she walked and giggled through the mall (on our way to the piercing booth!). I gave daddy the job of holding her while two woman took their sides and "bam" it was done! It really was awful (this is coming from someone with a needle phobia) -

I have to give my girl credit - she fought SO hard! Did I say it was AWFUL! My stomach was turning and I felt horrible guilt until . . .

Oooo, so pretty!
She looks just darling ~ especially with her lack of hair ~
you can really see her pretty little ears sparkle!

"No biggy, mom!"
Afterwards, I asked Eddie if he wanted to get his ears pierced (poor guy was watching the entire time). He screamed "NO!" Yeah, let's keep it that way!!


Aunt Debbie said...

Such a pretty,pretty girl!!

Colleen said...

Ohhhhh, what a brave little girl! And cute too!! And brave Mommy too! I don't think I could have done it!:) It's funny I have never even thought of having Faith's ears pierced. I know so many do get theirs pierced very young. I'm curious....is this something you'd planned to do all along or just a kind of a "Oh let's just do it, moment." I guess I'm curious because I always planned to wait for Faith to come to me and tell me when she wants to have them pierced. Maybe because I had to wait until I was in Jr. High to have mine done:)
Very pretty!

Shandra said...

Oh my! I cannot believe you were able to go through with it. I threaten to take the babies but haven't got the nerve yet. Lilly had hers done on her 5th b-day.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Her ears are pierced! She looks so fancy now. I did notice that she's wearing my outfit in the pictures, another yeah!! She looks too pretty!!

Aunt Michie:)

Dawn said...

She looks adorable. I have never really thought when I would pierce Lucy's ears. I guess I better think about it :)

Anonymous said...

I just love the earrings so much...she looks precious as always!!! Love, Barb

Kimber said...

They look adorable! We did Kate's a few weeks ago...she barely cried but I was a nervous wreck!