Sunday, February 03, 2008


Well, sleeping beauty took a nice nap and was ready to continue her birthday celebration. She changed into her Chinese New Year outfit (along with a pair of's chilly here in NY!). We were expected over at Meaghan Grace's house at 5:00pm ~ while Mia napped, mommy prepared Asian orange chicken, Nian Gao (chinse new year rice cakes~ the more they rise, the more advancement you will have in the New Year!) and, of course, the birthday cake!

Ready to celebrate:

It was so sweet to see Mia and Meaghan all dressed in their Chinese outfits. Michelle had decorated the house with Chinese lanterns and signs ~ it look very festive and pretty. There was also a stuffed RAT (it is the year of the rat you know!) sitting on the table ~ our celebration was on its way!

"Happy New Year, Meg" ! Meggie looked so pretty in her chinese outfit.

"Hi Auntie Lisa, I cannot wait for Paige to celebrate with year!"

"Thank you for my birthday balloons!"

Michelle, Lisa and myself worked side by side in the kitchen to prepare our dishes; Michelle made a pork dish in the slow cooker and her dumplings were a hit, Lisa prepared a shrimp stir fry that was delicious; and I made the chicken. We had a blast cooking together ~ we were all pleased with the end results! Our dinner was a success!

Coleton and Anthony survey the food...

Brendan, Anthony, Coleton & Devin

Eddie tries out the chop sticks

Meggie, Michelle, Sean, Lisa & Eddie

Mia, Kyle, John & Mikey
The dinningroom looked beautiful! It was decorated with pretty lanterns hanging from the ceiling, a runner and placement from China, lucky chinese candy, chop sticks and red envelopes for everyone! You guys thought of everything!

After dinner, we put out the desserts and sang happy birthday to Mia! She loved sticking her fingers in the icing!

"Thank you Auntie Lisa & John for my Tinkerbell and gorgeous princess apron!!"

"Thank you for my comfy chair Auntie Michelle & Mike"

Meggie joins Mia!

It's getting late and Mia rests on her new chair!

"I really like this chair mom!"

The girls are getting tired, it's been a long night....

However, they both decide they want THE RAT and they each start pulling... we were all laughing so hard at this tug-o-war over a rat!!! I guess they take this kind of stuff very seriously!

I want to thank Michelle and Mike again for hostessing a wondeful CNY! It is the beginning of a wonderful tradition we will share each year with our families. We look forward to having Paige home with us for our 2009 celebration ~ we'll be pros by then!

Chinese New Year begins on February 7th this year ~ we'd like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


Shandra said...

Hapy CNY! Looks like a wonderful day.

Barbara said...

Happy CNY ...looks like the beginning of a wonderful tradition. I love the girls fighting over the RAT ...too funny!

Colleen said...

What a wonderful day!! Looks like so much fun.....a very special day for Mia. The rat pictures just cracked me up. That is hilarious! I'm so glad Mia's birthday was such a success shared with special friends.

Dawn said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful time celebrating!! Mia is so tiny, I love how cute she looks in her Chinese dress!! My favorite though, it the fight over the Rat!!!

Debbie said...

Happy Chinese New Year!
Both the girls look adorable in their beautiful outfits and what a wonderful night to celebrate together..
You are all very blessed!

Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year - and Happy Birthday to my sister in law!
What a wonderful overlapping of celebrations. I love the pictures of the gathering - looks like it was a lot of fun, and the girls are just adorable in their little outfits! May the year of the Rat be a good one for all...
Love, Miriam