Thursday, February 07, 2008


Happy Chinese New Year!

Mia "found" our tangerines (they are a traditional food for the New Year) and in an attempt to get a good picture, I "let" her throw them . . . I know, not the best idea; however, I did get some cute shots. In Mia's defense, she did clean them up, when I asked her too!

We are having Meggie and her brother, Mikey over to for the airing of "Ni Hao-Kai-Lan". I hope this show makes a big impact like "Dora", with dolls and toys, etc. It really does look like a sweet show...more pictures later! (of course)


Debbie said...

Happy Chinese New Year!
Mia looks so pretty in her traditional Chinese outfit!
Let's hope this new show takes off.. and think of all of the fun things to get!!

PS- Happy, Happy Birthday Jo!
May all your dreams and birthday wishes come true in the coming year!
Much love always!

Barbara said...

Mia looks so pretty in the outfit Jo...just like you described it! I have to say the tangerine throwing may have been worth it...I love these pictures. M and M loved the show...thanks for talking about it to me! Happy Birthday my friend...I know this is a special one.

Joanne said...

Thank you ~
All of my dreams and wishes have already come true :)

Anonymous said...

What great pictures! M looks so pretty! I just love the tangerine shots! Just perfect and so fitting for the new year! Happy, happy birtday Jo! This year is so special for you!

Love, Aunt Michie :)