Thursday, February 07, 2008


Michelle and I, of course, planned our daughters outfits to match. Considering we both have boys ~ we find great joy in planning the girls outfits! We placed them in my favorite photo spot - hoping & praying that we will finally get "that" picture of the two girls . . .

Well, this spot didn't work ~ so, we moved to my next favorite photo-spot : on the bench . . .

Meaghan: "what are you doing Mia?"

Mia: "they don't want a 'thumb' picture, Meg"

Meaghan: "oh please, make them stop"

Mia: "they are funny, Meg ~ they never give up"

Meaghan: "is it that funny?"

Mia: giggle, giggle "yessssssss"

Check out Meaghan's blog for more photo attempts...

We all gather around the TV for "Kai-Lan" ! Eddie and Mikey really seemed interested in the show. Mia and Meg lasted a few minutes here and there, but seemed to watch some. (Notice Michelle with her camera out :)

"Yee Haw !"

"This is fun!"

Thank you for joining us for the show, for Chinese New Year and for my balloon and cake!

Once again, Happy New Year everyone!

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