Friday, February 08, 2008

~ CHINESE NEW YEAR continued ~

Daddy brought home Chinese food tonight!
Mia loves her noodles!

Way to go Ant!

Eddie uses the trainning chopsticks!

"All done!"

I had made Nian Gao (Chinese New Year rice cakes) for our celebration on Saturday. I forgot to serve it that night, but we figured we'd eat it for CNY. Yuck! Not sure if it would have been better the first day; but it was awful...rubbery and tasteless. The only ones to eat it were Mia and Penny (our golden retriever!). Next year we'll try to eat it the same day and see what happens . . .

Mommy and her kids

Mia and Eddie were playing with balloons and they happened to fly up to the high ceiling in the livingroom. Mia grabbed her trusty step stool (too cute) and figured she'd reach it:

"Hmmm, not high enough"

Daddy and Anthony to the rescue!

Yay, Mia is happy to have balloon back, while Eddie waits for his in the background!

(Promise, this is my last post of CNY . . . until our FCC party, that is :)


Barbara said...

OMG that is so cute!!!! She is too adorable with her step stool! I love her smile when she gets her balloon back:)

Michelle said...

These pictures are too funny! I love Mia and her "stool"!

Anonymous said...

I love these pics! I especially love the family shot and M with her balloon! Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Birthday once again!!

Aunt Michie :)

amy said...

HOw fun!! Great pics and I love the last one!

Dawn said...

I love that she got her stool. So Cute. I watch Kai-lan today, what a darling show. I might learn some chinese before I go :) LOL

Debbie said...

Love, love to see the pictures of Mommy and her 3 kids!!

Anonymous said...

Toooooo cute, that Mia, with that step stool and balloon!