Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dearest Mia Hope Yudan,

Today is your christening day, honey. I have been up early, not because I have a lot to do or prepare. I have everything ready for today ~ I am excited and anxious to experience your day.

Your godparents, Aunt Debbie & Uncle Glen are so honored to be a special part of your life. They are loving, heart-warming people who we know will always be there for you ~ you will adore them as I do.

You are an amazing little girl, the bravest person I know. You have been through so many changes in life; yet you continue to thrive and meet each day with a smile, a giggle and a very strong will! We have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams!

You have completed our family. We all adore you, Miss Mia ~ Happy Christening Day!

Love Always, Mommy


Aunt Debbie & Uncle Glen said...

To our beautiful Goddaughter Mia,


We were so touched and honored when we were asked to be your Godparents,a question to which we gladly answered "Yes!!"

And we'll ask for God's blessings today on your Christening Day for you always,knowing we're the ones
who have been so truly blessed!

We love you and we will always be there for you as you grow and experience all of the wonderful moments throughtout your life.
You truly are a special angel in both our hearts!

Your loving Godparents,
Aunt Debbie & Uncle Glen

Colleen said...

Have a wonderful day today!! I love all your CNY photos. Looks like you all had a very special first CNY celebration with Mia home! Mia's smile is so contagious. You just can not help but smile when you see her. I bet your days are so much fun with her!
Happy Christening Day!!!!
Oh, and the picture of your rice cakes cracked me up! That is so something that would happen to me. Go through all the work of making something only to have it end up in the trash!!:)lol!

Barbara said...

Just beautiful...I have tears in my eyes.

Vicky said...

Happy Christening Day to a sweet sweet girl !!! Reading the post from your God Parents brought tears to my eyes.. You are one special little girl!


Anonymous said...

This was written so perfectly! I was smiling and teary…I was so honored to share such a special day with you. M is truly a blessing and she is so blessed to have such a wonderful family! I was very proud to say that I’m her aunt! I wish her nothing but happiness always.

With much love,
Aunt Michie :)

Anonymous said...

Mia's day was as special as she is. We are so glad that we have a chance to be part of Mia's life. Happy Christening day....

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful...making me cry.
Happy Christening Day, Mia!
Love, Aunt Miriam