Friday, March 14, 2008


It is so much fun to see Mia grow within our family! She loves our routines, and when she doesn't see one of the boys, or daddy or even Penny; she "asks" about them. She knows where Pennys bones are, when she sees a bus she will say "Nan nan" for Anthony. She misses Eddie when he's at school. If daddy is coming home late from work, she asks for him in the cutest, sweetest little voice "da deeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?"

Mia is extremely active and rarely sits still. She's a busy girl! She is also a big character:

In this last photo she is wearing Eddie's crocs (just the way he wears them...on the wrong foot!)~ she loves to wear his stuff; shoes, hats, etc. When he is done playing with something, she will sneak over and play as fast as she can before he comes back and "catches" her - it's so funny!
If Mia isn't ready with a smile, then she is screaming about something ~ there doesn't seem to be any medium ground in Mia-World! She is a sweety or she is a wild woman, she is hugging or she is smacking, she is dancing or she is throwing tantrums!
All I know is I wouldn't change my crazy, adorable little spit fire for anything ~ she is so much fun and really keeps me on my toes :)


Jewels of My Heart said...

she is so darling... what a smile!
Thank you again for the beautiful pics and for being a part of our blog.... send in stuff to share with everyone anytime.
Have a wonderful weekend.

amy said...

Look at that sweet face..She is a silly girl

Melissa said...

LOVE the glasses!!!

Debbie said...

Jo- These pictures are hysterical and yet so fitting for her personality.. and boy.. what a personality she has!
I love that she is so comfortable with herself - that it shows what a strong woman she will be!
And her taste in costumes.. just priceless (LOL)!!
Love that little firecracker :)

Barbara said...

Great pictures've got to love her "get ups" is better then the other lol!

Colleen said...

OH My Gosh these are adorable!! What a personality Mia has! I think Faith has that same kitty cat Mia has in her stroller. It is one of her favorites...she has the puppy like that too and puppy and kitty are with her always.
Toooo cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Now these are priceless Jo! I love the one of M pushing the stroller, too cute! Love the hat and her jewels..She is having a ball! It's so nice to see such happiness in her eyes...

Love, Aunt Michie :)

Dawn said...

What a crack up...she looks like a little chinese Grandma...I love it.