Thursday, April 10, 2008


Yes, Mia's heart is doing just fine! The VSD (hole) is still about the same size, but at least it hasn't "reopened" and probably won't. We are due back for our next check up around February (her 3rd birthday) and for now he just wants us to enjoy her ~ now that's an easy assignment! I am relieved and happy, but I, of course, just wish it would have closed completly.

Poor Mia was so thrown off by going into the exam room that she didn't stop screaming and crying until we walked out of the office. Before we left for the doctor's office I told her the doctor would be taking pictures of her heart ~ I figured since I'm always taking pictures (or so I'm told) it would be a familiar concept. No such luck.

Of course, I have a few pictures from our day. After our appt we headed over to our weekly playdate. It was a gorgeous spring day out and the kids jumped, ran and played to their hearts content:

Bubbles in the sun

I'm a happy girl

"Meg, you wouldn't believe my morning!
They can even take pictures of your heart!"


Colleen said...

Yeah!! I am soooo happy for you all!! These pictures of Mia are adorable. She is just full of life!!
I'm sure you are relieved and I hope the Dr. has put your mind and heart at ease. What a blessing!!!

Daniella said...

I was anxiously awaiting your update - so glad for the good news :)
Great pics.

Barbara said...

I am so happy that today brought good news all around! I, too, wish that the hole had closed...I am sure that by February it will close and this will be over!!! Can't wait to enjoy her with you ...what an easy assignment! You have to love that Dr. L. :)

Shandra said...

Wonderful news!

Jewels of My Heart said...

What a little sweetie! I'm sorry the DR scared her but I am glad that she is doing so well....
Very good advice..... enjoy eachother.

Ronda said...

I am so glad the md appt was good and Mia's heart is doing fine. I can not believe how much she is growing-she is so beautiful. Mia is a favorite...I have continued to check in on your blog frequently even though I had to shut down my old blog. Ella's cardiology check-up was great-the heart surgery performed in China was a success. I truely believe these girls are watched over by God...they develop a strong spirit of survival. I am getting my old blog going again-so we will see you in blog-land.

Anonymous said...

This is great news Jo! I'm so happy M's appointment went well. That must have been a relief. You truly are healing her heart.

Love, Aunt Michie :)

Dawn said...

I am thrilled that Mia is doing so well...all that lovin is good for a little heart :)