Monday, April 07, 2008


My little princess has been growing and changing in so many ways lately. I am so proud of her and all that she's accomplished; she loves to name the members of her family (Anthony is "nah nah" and Eddie is "ed, ed, ed" and Penny is just a growling sound - poor Penny, she rarely if ever growls, but this is what Mia associates with Penny!) and she is "calming" down a bit with her food obsession. I always have to have food with me; however, for example we can walk Eddie into school without a bag of cereal or goldfish. Before, she would get upset if she asked for food and I didn't have any on me - never let that happen again! Food shopping isn't quiet as difficult as it had been either - she will only have me open one or two bags of food!

Also, you know from reading my last post that Mia has been opening up her heart more. She has approached the dance teacher and even held her hands. It makes this mommy so very happy to see her girl accept and give affection more easily. If you read Meaghan Grace's blog, or more specifically her post from March 29th, you can see Mia leaning in to give hugs to Meg. My heart just about leaped out of my chest, my smile was bigger than ever ~ Mia is comfortable, content and I think she can feel how much we all love her and that we will always be around for her. . . always.

When I have time to really sit and think about why Mia has some of these issues, it is almost too much to bare. Did she spend much time alone in her crib without being touched? How often did she ache for some attention and wait to have her needs met? Did she go hungry sometimes? often? I have so many questions, being her mommy and spending so much time with her, I think I know the answers to these questions. Being her mommy and loving her as I do, I can assure her from now on that that will never happen again. It is just those "feelings" that she will have, for how long I don't know. . . I hope not forever.

But, Mia has been home for about 7 months and look at her progress ~ it is amazing!

Thursday, Mia has her ped. cardiologist appointment. Most likely her VSD is still closing, but those words the doctor said "a chance it could reopen" have stuck with me. There are no signs to indicate this; however, I'm her mom and I worry. I'll be happy when the appt. is over and we have our good news again.
Mia's ready to dance!

Is someone's hair growing a bit too??


Dawn said...


So many things that you don;t know about Mia and her life before you...but so much more you a learning ann helping her feel now that she is with you. She is so darling and from the outside looks like she blossoms every time you post a new picture. Your family is do an amazing job...The pigtails are getting Longer!!!!

Shandra said...

Your girl is growing beautifully where she was planted!

Saying prayers that all goes well at the appt.

Colleen said...

Oh those pig tails are the cutest! :)
This post really touches me as the memories are so clear to me our first year with Faith. I think Mia is doing beautifully!!! I know it was a good year for us until we felt like Faith was really starting to open up to us. We had to work on many sensory issues with her that first year as she did not even want her hands touched for the longest time.
Mia is blossoming every day!! I am enjoying so much watching her!! She is an amazing little girl. I pray her Dr. appointment goes just perfectly:)Try not to worry too much Mommy! Ha!

Debbie said...

I love that she has her own wild and adorable personality.. and yet she has that sweet loving side to her than only continues to blossom more and more each day. It really shows how both you and Ed are doing such a wonderful job as her parents! What a blessed life she will have...

I am sending lots of good thoughts for Thursday's DR. appt!! I know all will be good news!!!
Angels are watching over.. for both Mia & Miss M!!

Sharon said...

Oh, she is just precious!!! Thank you so much for that great comment on my blog. I really, really appreciated it!! You have a great blog and a beautiful family!!
Bailey is in Maogang. I have never met anyone else from there! Have you?

Do you mind if i steal your hope quote?? It is perfect for my post du jour!!

Colleen said...

Just wanted to come back and wish you and Mia all the best at her appointment tomorrow. I just know it will go great! :)