Sunday, April 20, 2008


The other day I was bringing the boys for their haircut and I mentioned to them, "maybe we should get Mia's hair trimmed too?" and I heard, in unison "no, please! She's going to cry!!" Mia does have an extremely loud cry ~ so you can't blame them. But, the more I looked at the mullet and those little stringy hairs in the back, I had to do it!

No, she didn't cry one bit (big surprise), but she did
EAT the entire time (not a surprise)!!

Oooooo, look at that cheek!!

And that adorable neck!!

I could have done without the veggie stick
in the picture, but you get the point!

I love it and it looks much healthier!

The hair stylist pointed out all the new baby hairs she's growing. It is so cute, they are growing under the back of her hair and up by her forehead ~ someday they may look like a bang!

Back at home, Mia enjoys pushing her baby around!

This is just another example of how Mia is more comfortable and more trusting. It was a major breakthrough for her to sit still and not cry while someone was so close to her - touching her and her hair!
I'm not looking forward to our next vaccine appt though - it may ruin our progress...


Vicky said...

So glad you had a great experience with cutting Mia's hair unlike us with Em's first haircut !!! She is just so adorable !!!!

Colleen said...

That is too funny the boys saying, No, please! :) Mia looks so cute getting her first haircut! Love the veggie stick in her mouth. What a brave little girl! It's funny I brought Faith to get her hair trimmed last week and I FINALLY got some pictures of her. I can't believe I never did before. Her hair grows so fast I have just always had to take her soooo often. I'll have to post these photos soon.

Melissa said...

Good girl Mia!!! You look so beautiful :)

Sharon said...

How funny, i just came from Lily Mei's haircut on her blog! What is in the air?!!? I am so glad you ahd a breakthrough! That is very exciting to see her becomming so trusting and comfortable. She is beautiful!! (And so are you!!)

Barbara said...

She is too cute...I love the way she has food in her mouth while she is getting her hair cut! She looks precious as always!!!

Anonymous said...

M's first little haircut!! Too cute! I love these shots. She was so good too, wow! She really is changing every day. She's a girl after my own heart. I would love to eat while I get my looks so pretty..I'm looking foward to seeing more of her during our trip.

Love, Aunt Michie :)

Debbie said...

She is so cute sitting in the haircutter's chair munching away!!
Too cute as always!

Ronda said...

Mia-you looks so pretty and keeping up that princess status. Good Luck with the vaccinations...Ella calls them "owies."