Thursday, April 24, 2008


Let me explain the title of my post - I want to let you know it's my son I'm stalking; I haven't completely lost it. You see "A" has been in baseball camp this week from 9am-12 noon. Most moms drop their kids off and come back at 11:55am. This mom is having a hard time leaving the baseball park. . . it's not that I don't trust Anthony, he is a smart, reliable, level-headed kid. . . it's all the other crazy people out there I'm worried about.

I usually circle the ball fields to see which "stadium" he's at and then we (yes, I've turned Eddie & Mia in stalkers too) park the car and watch for a while. The little ones do get antzy, but I put Barney on or Elmo or the radio. . . they play in the car. It gets old real quick.I spot him through the fence!
Do you see him??

It's almost noon and I'm happy another mom is stalking,

I mean watching too!

I have gotten better as the week wore on, I would leave to shop at a store up the block,then come back to the field to "find' my boy. Then, I would go home real quick (potty break) and come back to the field. One time, however, I went back to the field and couldn't find "A"!! My heart was racing and I was kicking myself for leaving! I must have circled the fields about 4 times until I saw his team walking out of a gate - but all was o.k. "ahhhh"

Camp is over for the week and we all survived.

However, "A" ran up to me when they were dismissed -

he had a flyer for summer camp!

Here we go again!

Does the worry ever end?


Daniella said...

My answer to your last question would be: NEVER ENDS! My mom told me so :)

Daniella said...

My answer to your last question would be: NEVER ENDS! My mom told me so :)

Colleen said...

Oh I am sooo glad I am not the only one!!!hee hee I just let Dean who is 12 start riding his bike to school this year ( it is just right outside our neighborhood and a few blocks down)and the first thing he said was Mom, you're not going to follow me are you? Well, I didn't do that, but I did go by the school for quite some time to make sure his bike was there!
I too have to explain to him it is not him I don't is other people. The worry will never end, but we have to "try" to let go just a little!:)
I laughed at this post though because that would be soooo something I would do too!

Melissa said...

OMG Jo!! That is so funny! No, the worry will never end. All I can say is good thing for cell phones. When poor Brianna is out we make her call home constantly and have done some "stalking" (or maybe when they're 14 it's actually considered spying) of our own!

LindaJ said...

I'm sending my oldest (10) to camp for a week this summer for the first time...sleep over camp, for 5 full days!!! I'm freaking out. My husband says I need to cut the cord, BUT I CAN'T!!!
I'm totally the mom hanging out waitng...I just have enough faith in mankind to know that my baby will be safe.