Monday, May 05, 2008


I'm having a hard time choosing pictures, so I will just post some of my favorites from each day. I really want to document our trip here in our "scrapbook", so bare with me :)

We took an early morning flight to Orlando, FL; which went rather smoothly - excitement was in the air. It was so much fun to get the kids ready and see and hear their enthusiasim - I loved it! The picture below gives you a glimpse into how independent Miss Mia can be - she looked darling pulling her backpack through the airport, all the time saying "da da", she was being like daddy who was in charge of ALL the luggage!Everyone carried their own backpack,
with stuff to do during the flight...
and stuffed animals!

MGM Studios!
We rented a car once we landed,
shopped at a local grocery store,
and then headed out to our first park!
(We were moving!)

Mia did not want to sit in the stroller,
she wanted to push King Edward all over!
This first day we rented a double stroller for Mia & Eddie. As I previously mentioned, Mia was not very comfy and had a few . . . well, FITS. The rest of our vacation we rented a single (for the "King") stroller and used Mia's own stroller, which worked out much better.

Princess Mia smiling big!


Michelle said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this last photo (definite sidebar material!) See you soon!

Aunt Debbie said...

Disney is Happiest place on earth.. now just got a new visitor!!
Her smile is.. infectious!

Colleen said...

Fun, Fun, Fun! Mia's smile says it all!! Did you go to all the parks? I'm sure the boys had a blast!