Tuesday, May 06, 2008


The first morning we woke early - isn't it always hard sleeping away from home? We had a character breakfast at the Crystal Palace! I'm so happy Anthony still enjoyed meeting the furry guys, Eddie woke in a grumpy mood and would not cooperate too much; and Mia was a joy to watch. She loved each and every one of the characters to the point of obsession! Her hugs were many, her kisses and cuddles had to be stopped when other children needed a turn!!

Happy to pose for pictures with Pooh!

See her petting his belly :)

Tigger wouldn't take no for an answer!
Mia loved this puppy, I mean Eeyore
(she needs some animal "lessons")

Ready to bring Piglet to her crib!

ALL of my children in front of the castle!


ahhhh, a nap at last!

Eddie is such a big boy,
he was so proud to ride with
the big guys!

There were many times
I could have used this
cage :)

Anthony watching the magical light parade.
I'm so glad we stayed to watch.
This really is a magical place!

I love how Eddie's watching the parade on daddy's shoulders,
chin resting on his head. We had a fun, but
exhausting full day at Disney.

Tomorrow we're off to Epcot!

P.S. I must note: Mia carried her (old, decrepit, dirty) bunny pocketbook throughout all the parks . . . while eating . . . napping . . . and it was run over by our strollers many times!

At this moment, that bag is still on her arm ~ I cannot get it away to wash it!

See, I'm not exaggerating!

(Mia's playing with her Asian cooking set.

Isn't that cute! thanks Meggie & Michelle -she uses it all the time!)


Shandra said...

LOve the trip photos. I think that might be the cutiest Piglet pic I have ever ssaw.

What a great trip. Did you keep it a secrete from all of the kids?

Ronda said...

What a fun vacation...loved the photos especially the pigtails in Mia's hair. Did she get to meet Bella or Cinderella...any princess?

Andie said...

Leave it to Disney to bring this lurker out of lurkdom... :o) Oh how exciting!! We are currently in the beginning stages of planning our first family vacation...to WDW for January of 09. It looks like you had an AWESOME time, and I can't wait for our turn! Anything that you consider a MUST do, or anything you wish you hadn't waisted your time on? Any other advice you wish someone had given you before your trip? Where did you stay? My kiddos will be 4, 7, & 8 when we go...they are over the moon excited!

Thanks! Again, I'm so glad you had a great time...love seeing the pictures of the kiddos enjoying themselves!

You can email me...aprochnow at hotmail dot com
Thanks for anything you feel like sharing! :o)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Hope you are having fun in Florida... the weather has been great... Make sure you see Tinkerbell... have a blast... take care...

sea star said...

Love the photo of Mia with Piglet! I've never heard of an Asian cooking set, now I want one.

p.s. Love her polk-a-dot dress!