Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We had a nice, fun-filled long weekend. We had BBQ's and some seasonable weather ~ it has not been a warm spring here in NY so far. It was poppy's birthday (my dad) and we celebrated, with a BBQ of course - any excuse to be outside after a long winter is welcome.

While at my parents house, the kids planted some vegetables in grandma's garden. The boys look forward to this every year and mostly to picking their own cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. I'm sure Mia will enjoy this tradition next year with the boys. This year she carried around a spoon, digging where ever she could! (Eddie grabbed the cucumber seeds and planted them quickly, no sooner did he plant them, then he dug them up again!! "Look grandma!". Yes, grandma got a kick out of that one.

"Hmmm, what can I dig up?"

Pretty Girl

We then had a BBQ at our house with some close friends. It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed preparing for our company - what a great day to be outside! It was also the first day the boys jumped in the pool - it didn't last long, even with the heater on, it was just about 70 degrees - "brrrr".

Anthony poses!
I was trying to get all 3 kids on this rock.
It is the perfect photo spot in our yard.
Only my big boy cooperated, but look at him!!!

Anthony & Eddie
(I love their t-shirts, they're from the G*p and
have an American flag made of baseballs and bats!)

~ Pretty ~

~Precious ~

Madison, Max & Mia have a "picnic"

Mia and her Godmommy

The prettiest girl in the whole wide world!

The boys love this floating tent, they ate in here
and hung out in here A LOT! Another great buy!

Anthony & Alexa leave NOT one kernel!

Penny spent the day under our weeping willow tree
(she does have a water dish here and had many "snacks")
Max & Madison are very weary of dogs,
so they felt somewhat secure knowing that Penny was in this spot. . .
but a major breakthrough happened:

First, Max pet Penny
(she's such a sap isn't she?!)

Then, Maddy snuck in a pet!
(Penny is in heaven!)

Thank you my friends for a fun day. What a great start to the lazy days of summer - we look forward to many more warm, sunny BBQ days!

On Memorial Day we stayed close to home, most of the day. Daddy and the boys and our neighbors went fishing, while Mommy and Mia spent some time together. We almost took a bike ride. . .

At first Miss Mia wasn't too keen on the idea -
then I rode around the court a bit and she got
more comfortable... but she wanted to walk in the stroller instead -
we went to visit Meggie for a while!

The boys ready to fish...even though they came home empty-handed,

their smiles showed a great time!

It was such a busy weekend,

I think we wore Mia out - if that's possible :)

I do not want to forget to thank all those who fought for our freedom - thank you does not seem like enough . . . HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!


Daniella said...

Great photos - looks and sounds like a great weekend :)

Vicky said...

I LOVE how she carries her pocket book everywhere !!! such a princess !!

Great Pictures !

Vicky & Emily

sea star said...

The perfect weekend!

ps. I love those shirts from G@p, they are the perfect tee for boys!

Melissa said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Glad to see Mia is still holding on to that pocketbook! I LOVE the picture of Anthony on the rock, LOVE the tee shirts, and LOVE the picture of Mia's little hands and feet! How nice that the boys have had their little planting tradition with your mom. While they plant their vegetable seeds, they grow wonderful memories :)

Barbara said...

What a nice weekend....so glad to be a part of it :) I look forward to all the good times to come this summer :)

Michelle said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I love the Mia sleeping pictures (it is not often we see her still!) Can't wait to join you for a swim - my house or yours...

Anonymous said...

These came out so nice. What a nice start to summer...it's always nice at the L house....it looks like a good time was had by all.

Aunt Michie :)