Thursday, May 22, 2008


I received the most exciting phone call of my life . . . it was 3 pm and we were about to leave to pick Anthony up at the bus stop. My father had stopped by and he was going to walk with Eddie and I; however, the phone rang and I looked at my caller ID to see it was my agency
(GWCA). This was it!!
Let me back track a bit here, I spotted Mia's profile on our agency's WC list on April 27, 2007 and filled out the application to adopt her. I was told that our agency would review all the applications and choose which family would best suit each child. We could expect to hear back from them after May 21st, if we were chosen. O.k., so the weeks went by, Meaghan Grace's parents were leaving for China to bring her home, and I remember Michelle saying, "if you get a call from GW, call me immediately in China!". "Yeah, we'll see", was my response...

Well, the days and weeks went by and I had this overwhelming feeling that I was going to get this call - I kept telling myself not to get excited and to keep my emotions in check. But, everytime the phone rang I ran to it to check the caller ID, and on this day there it was ~ my agency calling and I knew why!!

As I mentioned we had to get "A" at the bus stop, so I told my father to bring Eddie with him - I needed to take this phone call! I picked up the phone and was told we were chosen to review "Dan Dan's" file and we had 2 weeks to make a decision. . . I hung up the phone and flew down to the bus stop, heart racing, eyes bugging out of my head. I explained as calmly (yeah right!) as I could to my father what was going on - wow!!

We were emailed all the information they had on "Dan Dan" and I read quickly, yet decisively every detail about my daughter. There were growth & development reports, ultrasound pictures of her heart, medical information, personality traits. . . and then her pictures! I had trouble opening her photos and called my friend, Debbie (who happens to be Mia's godmother!) to help me out so my computer would read the file, BUT I told her DO NOT LOOK AT THE PHOTO BEFORE ME, I had to be the first one to lay eyes on her!
Then, she appeared on my screen
and I remember just crying. . .

She was a doll,

she was precious and her eyes,

oh those eyes ~ were calling me.

~ The very first picture ~

Oh, how I know this look now!

Do you know, before I even thought of calling China to tell Meaghan's mommy, well, she rang me! She checked our agency's WC list and noticed that "Dan Dan" had pending next to her name - "there's a good reason for that", I told her "THEY CALLED ME!!!"

The next two weeks were filled with every range of emotion. I was happy. I was scared. I was speechless. I was determined. I ran around to doctors and made phone calls like "a chicken without a head" (one of my parent's favorite expressions).

The outcome is obvious ~ Mia is where she belongs ~ home ~ and with her family.

I knew He was whispering to me all those weeks, preparing me for that phone call. There really is a greater plan ~ Michelle and I still cannot get over how close in age the girls are (3 weeks) and how close we live (same development) and all of the other "coincidences", if you believe that is what they are ~

What a blessed day ~ May 23th !


Vicky said...

What an amazing story.. I have tears rolling down my face !!! What a special day to remember.

Vicky & Emily

Melissa said...

Thnking of you and Mia on this special day!!

Dawn said...

I just love your story to Mia...sorry I haven't been by in awhile, hard to believe one year ago you go that call, and now Mia is home!!

Colleen said...

This is beautiful and yes Mia is home where she belongs! I can't get over how tiny she looks in these photos.

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

I remember all that. It seems so long ago. Mia feels like she has always been with you guys.

Barbara said...

How amazing to look at those photos now...there she is as cute as can be. I remember all the thoughts and emotions you shared with me at that time...hard to imagine a year has gone by yet I feel like Mia has been with you (home)forever. I guess in certain ways she has been :)

Shandra said...

Yes, I remember this day all to well too. Hard to beleive it has been a year. Our sweet girls were meant for us.

Michelle said...

I remember this day as if it were yesterday! The smiles in your heart were felt all the way to China, literally!! We love you, Mia. You are DEFINITELY in the right place!