Saturday, June 21, 2008


She's all ready for her 1st dance recital!

Some of the neighborhood kids came out to wish her luck!

At the dance studio,
mommy poses with her darling daughter!

The recital begins and Mia waits her turn. . .

Good V-seat Mia!

"Hop, hop, hop . . ."
"Ta da!!!!"
Pretty ballerina, Meggie!

Mia receives her trophy and certificate
(the certificate was for "Most Improved" dancer!)
She loved her trophy!

Beautiful ballerina, Taylor!

Meg & Mia

Mommy & Me Dance Class 2008!

Proud Daddy!

~ 1st Dance Recital momentos ~
My baby ballerina had her very 1st dance recital today. We joined our mommy & me dance class in October, a month after Mia arrived home. There were many times I believed I started her too soon and just as I would think that thought, well she would participate and strut her stuff in class! In the beginning, I had to have some kind of food in my pocket and would feed her like a little seal! Or she would have to leave the room for her juice - all comfort items to Mia - she needed to know these things were always availalbe to her. Then, she slowly began to relax and enjoy and dance!!
The recital was cute, but chaotic ~ little girls in tutu's running here and there ~ you never knew what was going to happen next ~ that is the beauty of it I guess :) Miss Mia did really well and for the most part participated. She had that glazed over look in her eyes at times as she watched the other kids or the audience. I could tell she was happy and proud of herself ~ what more could I ask?
I guess it goes without saying, I was one proud mother! Can you tell the way I'm beaming in some of the photos?!
What did I ever do to deserve 3 such special and wonderful children!!!
(The crazy part of today is that Anthony's play off game was scheduled for this morning also!! We had to divide up the family, thanks to Gma & Poppy "A" made his game ~ my sweet boy was so upset he missed his sister's recital. . . but there's always video!)


Barbara said...

These pictures are just adorable...too cute for words!!! I LOVE the way Mia still has her pocket book with her...she really cracks me up!

Colleen said...

Congratulations Mia on your first dance recital!! A very exciting day!! You look like a little princess:)

Faith had her first recital last night and another one today. (yes, they have two of them....we are a little exhausted from all the excitement!)

Michelle said...

It has been a wonderful year watching Mia evolve into a beautiful baby ballerina! Each week brought with it new and exciting things. I love watching her grow. I can only imagine in one year when she is up on stage....

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

You have been busy!! Congrats to E for his preschool graduation.... hello Kindergarten..
and oh Miss Mia. SOSOSOSO beautiful. Mia was truly shining in her beautiful recital outfit!!


Vicky said...

OMG The girls looked so adorable as always !! I cant wait for Em's first recital !!

Vicky & Emily

Anonymous said...

Such the pretty ballerina, you must be so proud! It looks like so much fun!

Aunt Michie :)

Lori said...

She is just too cute for words in her little frilly tutu! How fun that she got such a big, fancy trophy! I'm sure it was just precious to watch! :)