Friday, June 20, 2008


We attended a very sweet graduation ceremony this morning ~ we are so very proud of our little guy for all he's accomplished this past school year. "E" started the school year with his mommy and daddy in China for 15 days, and then had to adjust to his role as big brother. It was a tough school year and there were many times I thought of pulling him out. He pulled through, we pulled through and he learned that school can be an amazing place. Eddie made many wonderful friends, one of whom is a sweet little girl with a similar personality to him. He looked forward to seeing "E" and talked about her constantly ~ the teachers said he would take her on "dates" during class! He tells me he will marry "E" and that she is a great mommy to their baby doll...

Yes, my little guy has grown leaps and bounds these past months. It was a very emotional ceremony, which I wasn't prepared for (no tissues!). The tears just kept streaming down my cheeks. My smile did not fade. I was one proud mommy :)

Here comes my graduate!

So proud!

Eddie and "H" have been friends since they were babies,
it was extra sweet that they sat together!

Eddie and his teacher!
Each child in the class made a "quilt square"
which had a theme of "A whole new world".

Eddie and his future wife:)

~ Sweetness and innocence ~

It was just darling to watch them at play.

They wanted to walk out together. . .
Good-bye preschool
Hello kindergarten


Barbara said...

I will say it again...I am so proud of Eddie. He really handled a lot this year and he has come so far. He looks adorable as always and I must say he and his girl make a georgous couple lol! Congratulations Eddie!!!

Aunt Debbie said...

Way to go Eddie!! Congratulations honey!We are so proud of you!
You make the cutest couple.. and we can't wait for the wedding (lol)!
We love you!

Michelle said...

Congratulations, Eddie! It feels like yesterday that it was September and Eddie was starting pre-K and Mia was coming home. Now, to see Eddie grown up and Mia right where she belongs....WOW what a year!!

Melissa said...

Congratulations Eddie! How adorable he is with his little girlfriend :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations E! Wow, what a special day for you both! I love the quilt, that is so sweet. This was a special moment, I'm sure it was very emotional..
proud Aunt Michie :)