Thursday, June 19, 2008


I just love this time of year - so many fun activities and celebrations going on with the end of the school year approaching. Tuesday, "A" had his Field Day, the weather was perfect and the kids had a blast!

Keep that ball rolling!

3 legged race!

While watching the games, we came across a "sandbox" and "E" got creative making a sand castle while little sis looked on. Mia stepped into the sandbox but quickly jumped out, pointed to her shoes and wanted the sand off her feet! She was happy to sit in the stroller or walk around the sandbox even when we ran into Meggie and her brother, Mikey:

Meggie's having a great time! Hmm, wonder

how she'll react to her first time at the beach??

China Sisters!"Bye-bye Meg"

Anthony's class doing "knuckles" with Mia!

Popular lady!


Daniella said...

Love the end of the year! Happy summer to you, the family and the very popular lady of the house :)

Barbara said...

Boy is Mia popular...that is so cute with the whole class around her :) Go Anthony!!!

Anonymous said...

Go A! I just loved field day as a kid, and can appreciate these pics...M is too cute in the middle of it all..

aunt Michie :)