Sunday, June 15, 2008


Happy Daddy's Day!

We made daddy a yummy breakfast of pancakes and freshly picked strawberries (our neighbor has a wonderful garden and let the boys pick strawberries the night before! Thank you "T" ). It was a warm, but overcast day and we had plans to visit Poppy and Gma and then head out to a quaint little town by the water (near our old stomping grounds!).

Trying to get a picture of my pretty princess. . .

She's always "in action", which makes it difficult!

The boys told Mia to "smile like Belle",

she has a sippy cup with Belle, from Beauty and the Beast;

and according to Mia - this is how she smiles!!

I put Mia in our "photo spot" in the livingroom -

but she gazes out the window. . .

"Can we go out, mommy?"

Mia was happy to run around outside and play while the boys got ready to go to Poppy and Gma's house, where we ate and gave Poppy his presents!!

I brought over daddy's favorite - carrot cake!!

It's just yummy, if I don't say so myself :)

Grandma is an RN and always concerned about her family.

After hearing about "daddy's" last blood pressure, she

decided to check for herself. Eddie was happy to help.

I'm relieved to report his pressure is just fine :)
Happy Father's Day to my wonderful father (who I neglected to take a photo of with his grandkids! Sorry Dad!) You are and have been a devoted and loving father and I couldn't adore you more!! You are so very special to me - we love you!!

After our visit, we headed off to a little town by the water. We had such fond memories of strolling around this town when we lived in this area years ago; the park, the boardwalk, looking at the boats - it was so nice to go back with ALL of our kids. Eddie was just 8 weeks old when we moved to our current house. . . we took a picture on Father's Day 5 years ago when he was a teeny tiny baby:

It seems like yesterday. . .
Anyhow, here a few photos of our day:

"We want ice cream!"



Back at home again and into the pool!


Michelle said...

Happy Father's Day Ed! Looks like it was a perfect day. Jo - guess we're not using the cherry blossoms for our photo??

Barbara said...

Happy Fathers Day to Ed. Looks like it was a really nice day :) Mia looks adorable as always!!! I love seeing your Mom doing her nurse thing...she is too cute!

amy said...

Sounds like a really fun day! What a beautiful picture

Colleen said...

Each and every one of these pictures are precious! Looks like the perfect Father's Day!!:)

Debbie said...

Happy Daddy's Day Ed!
What a great family day..
with all 3 of your kids!!

Dawn said...

Sound like a wonderful day!! Happy Father's Day to your hubby!! I love Mia's Belle smile :)

Anonymous said...

You might like to watch this about the 2008 olympics!

Daniella said...

great pics Happy belated father's day to your hubs

Joanne said...

Thank you "Anon" for the video link - it was just beautiful to watch :)

Of course, I had to view it before posting on my comments! It is about 10 min long, but worth it!