Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The other night Eddie had some special time with his dad. It was "A NIGHT WITH MY HERO" at his preschool! My little guy was so excited, daddy was leaving work early and coming to his preschool to have dinner. They served heroes, of course, macaroni salad and root beer ~ the kids sang to the dads and "E" was all smiles when he walked in the door with his hero :) The kids each made their dad a shirt that said "My Hero",
with their handprints !
Yes, I cried when I saw it!

Daddy you are OUR hero!

Today, Mia and I were invited to Anthony's class to talk about the Beijing Olympics. Mia and I wore our Olympic t-shirts and we gave out goodie bags at the end. Anthony has been very interested in the Olympic Mascots; Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying & Nini. We have had a lot of fun on the Beijing Olympic sight learning the meanings behind names and symbols. Maybe I will do a post about it when they actually begin (August 8th).

Anthony shows off his sister
(Eddie was in preschool)

With Anthony's class

It was so sweet how the kids adored Mia and showed such interest in our info. Thank you to his teacher for having us!

"That was fun mommy!"

The kids school year is really winding down. "E" has his graduation next Friday and the week after that is Anthony's last week of 4th grade ~ wow! It has been a busy school year from the beginning when we first brought Mia home, Anthony's broken arm, Eddie's school adjustment. . . it's been a productive and busy school year!


Red Thread to my Daughter said...

so glad that Mr. E got to go to little E's Hero day...... Wow what fun to show off Mia at school. That was really great of his teacher to do that.

Barbara said...

That was so nice that Daddy was able to get home early for Eddie's celebration...I am sure Eddie loved that! The shirt is adorable also. Anthony looks so proud of his little sister :) So sweet!

April said...

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Here is what I was trying to respond to your comment with:

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Michelle said...

So happy Ed was able to be home for Hero Day. I am sure it meant a lot to both Daddy and son! The visit to A's class was a great idea!