Saturday, July 05, 2008


We are having a fun and busy 4th of July weekend ~ it is our girl's very first and I have had so much fun putting patriotic bows, clothes and shoes on her :)

Don't let the flag touch the ground!

Mia helps to hang it up!

"Now, this is more my size!"

"I'm outta here guys!"

Our Chinese-American Princess!


Colleen said...

Your little American girl looks adorable! Faith has that same Gap dress...she had it on today! The straps keep bugging her falling off her shoulders:)
Glad you guys are enjoying your 4th of July week-end!!

Colleen said...

Joanne, I tried to email you but could not find your email. I noticed you bid on the outfit! I have to tell you I actually thought about Mia when I was deciding what to do with this outfit. I was torn on donating it or getting your address to send to Mia. It has such personality just like Mia. The designer is very similar to Matilda Jane. It's funny that you really like the outfit and I was thinking of Mia. I kind of feel bad now, but I know it will go to help a child know matter who wins and thats the important thing. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of ya!:)

Michelle said...

A beautiful Chinese American Princess indeed!! I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July. Meggie enjoyed her second fourth of July in red, white and blue as well.

Barbara said...

O.K. I have a serious question ...where is her bunny pocket book??? She looks adorable in each and every outfit!!! Happy 1st 4th of July to Miss Mia!