Wednesday, July 02, 2008


My good friend came to visit the other day from Chicago! Oh, how I miss her (she moved away a few years ago, but thankfully still visits at least twice a year). We met in a Gymb*ree class when our oldest boys were 9 months old! She is the kind of friend you feel at home with :)
The girls dressed "A" up ~ yes, those are earrings in his nose! Such a good sport, although I think he enjoyed it (a bit too much!). I didn't get any pictures with "A" and their oldest - he left early with his dad for a Yankees game.

"E" and their youngest (who is a year younger) got along wonderfully. It makes for a fun and happy visit! They recently added a dog to their family: "Happy"! She traveled well during the long car ride - what a trooper! The kids were so excited to meet "Happy" and she didn't disappoint - she is a wonderful chocolate Lab!

"E" was sad to see Happy go - although I cannot say the same for Penny! She was very thrown off and a bit aggravated! Another dog on her territory? She was not having it!
My poor girl is back to herself today though :)
Thanks for a wonderful visit - it was fun catching up, laughing and just enjoying each others company!


Sharon said...

I just wanted to come over and check on you all and say Happy 1st 4th of July to Mia!!!! Glad to see you are having summer visitors, (even the dog!) haha You can tell what a super nice person you are when you let the pet come too!!
I'll check back again soon!!

Debbie said...

So nice to see "K" and her family!!
What a wonderful long distance friendship that you continue to share after all of these years..

Colleen said...

Awwwww, poor Penny! I know Ruby can be the same way about other dogs. I am so happy she loves Pearl so much.
Looks like a great summer day with friends.....yes, Moms need those play dates too!:)
Have a wonderful 4th!!