Sunday, August 17, 2008


Have you ever worn rain boots to the beach?

I have not, but this is one thing Mia can check off her list of "things I've done in my life" ! Heee, heee! I got the idea from a neighbor and friend when I told her Mia's reaction to the sand. She told me she had seen a little girl the week before at the beach in boots. Hmm, I thought; Mia LOVES her rain boots (they are ladybugs too!) and that would be sure to keep the sand off of her little toes. We love to go to the beach and I was not giving up, even though Mia can be quiet persistent with her "bye-bye's" and wanting to go home; I do not give up that easily!! So off we went to the beach with boots!

"Yeah, so I have boots on?!"

The two "Ed's"

Working hard on a sand castle!

Toes in the sand!!
Alert the lifeguard!!
All the boys down by the water,
we met up with our neighbors (the "boot" idea neighbors)

Yes, these boots are made for walking ~
even for down to the waters edge!
Our princess did take off her boots for a while. She delicately touched her toes in the sand and I believe she liked the feeling. . . for a while. She switched back and forth between boots and bare feet ~ I think she was pleased she had that option :)
Anthony, always the good sport,
agreed to be buried in the sand.
You can't tell from the photo, but we
put muscles and a speedo on him!
"My bro looks hungry, here's a chip"

Anthony's awesome sand castle!
Needless to say, we were a bit of a spectacle at the beach - or should I say Mia turned some heads. She just strutted her stuff and did as she pleased ~ I hope she always has it in her :)
It was a fun morning at the beach and I cannot wait to go back
Boots and all!!


Daniella said...

That is an awesome idea!!! I think she looks fashionable and fabulous.

Melissa said...

Boots at the beach!! What a great idea!!

amy said...

I cant wait for moments like these..Wonderful pics!

Colleen said...

I'm lovin' those boots!!!!

Sharon said...

What a great tidea! We have the same problem so if we ever get anoterh chance to get to the beach this year, I will have to keep it in mind! I like this post, very cute!

Lori said...

Oh that is the cutest thing! I love it! She will look back on these pictures one day and laugh! :D
Way to come up with a solution Mom so you all could enjoy the beach!

Anonymous said...

What great shots, I just love the boots..too cute..what a sand castle wow, you go A! What a great day at the favorite place to be...:)

Aunt Michie