Friday, August 15, 2008


My girl is growing and changing constantly; and I'm so glad I have this blog to document her every move! It is still so much fun to dress a girl and our princess is a real girly girl! She still loves pocketbooks, although the bunny bag is still a favorite ~ it is not a must have anymore! She is happy to take along just about any bag as long as she can fit a few of her precious items into it.

Mia notices what I am wearing and wants to have something similar on: jeans or a necklace and anklebraclet! It is fun and I'm really enjoying this! I know it's only the beginning and I often imagine what she will be doing next year at this time ~ not that I want to rush any of it! I am so touched by Steven Curtis Chapman's song, Cinderella; the words just touch my heart (especially after all they've been through) ~ it really has a strong message!

Ponytails!! I am getting such a kick out of putting Mia's hair in a ponytail ~ I just crack up at the little "paint brush"-like hair do; and even though most of it falls out in a few hours. . . well, she just looks darling! Of course, she insists mommy has a ponytail too :)

*I gave up trying to upload an adorable "ponytail" video of my princess ~ it's taking way too long, maybe I'll try another time...


All of us have been obsessed with the Olympics! I was (and still am) so upset that we missed the opening ceremonies. We were on our way home from Myrtle Beach and I forgot to tape it! I keep hearing how incredible it was and I believe it may be on sale on DVD ~ did anyone else hear about this? If so, please let me know - I would love for Mia to have this.

I am thrilled to have these plush Olympic mascots

in our possession ~ thank you to our travel mates for the package!

Our princess even watches the competitions with us and copies what is going on! The other night she pulled up a small plastic container and turned it over to stand on. She used it as a "diving board" and jumped into daddy's arms over and over. She even had her hands up over her head for proper form :) Her giggles and smiles are just pricless!

Doesn't Mia Hope look more mature in these photos?

Even so, she will forever be my baby girl!

P.S. I heard from our adoption agency today and they have received our 12 month post-placement report. It is being sent out to the CCAA and this means our "formal obligations" for Mia's adoption are complete!! Our agency also thanked us "for providing Mia with a home and a forever family" ~ I am the one who would like to thank them for making our dreams come true!!

Thank you GWCA!!


Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Congrats on completing all the obligations! I saw what Mia carries in those little bags of hers....she could be a winner on "Let's make a deal". I am sure she would have every object they ask for.:)

I love this picture of her... yes she is getting soooo big.


Anonymous said...

Yeah you can buy the olympics throuogh or if you want i can give you the web site where someone has the entire show for free. It was an amazing show. China did the best opening cermony ever.