Friday, September 05, 2008

~ FAMILY DAY 2008 ~

I have been looking forward to putting this outfit (and pocketbook) on Mia since we bought it while in Guangzhou, at "A Gift From China". I had it ironed days before and when Mia first saw it she said "brella", since the girls in the pattern are holding umbrella's ~ Mia also has a "thing" for umbrellas! I thought she looked just precious and I tried my hardest to get that perfect photo, or what I think is the perfect photo. I think they captured the day, this special day just right :)
My favorite. . . has to be the last one - my girl loves her noodles and she's not ashamed of it :)
Seriously, we had a busy day, with school starting; but it was a wonderful day spent with family ~ HAPPY 1ST FAMILY DAY MIA HOPE YUDAN!


Red Thread to my Daughter said...


Shandra said...

Happy family day. What a beautiful family you have. I bought Lilah the same dress last year and the blanket. It is still huge on her. I am not sure she will be able to wear is next year.

The Kvalvik Family said...

Oh, my ~ You're girl is a doll!! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I just wanted to answer your question. They have ruled out Celiacs disease. That was one of the first things they checked for. We have also altered her diet to keep out wheat, glutin, etc. and there was no affect. Thanks though! Joyce

Melissa said...

Happy 1st Family Day Mia!!!! I LOVE the outfit and the pictures are GREAT!!!

Ronda said...

Love the dress-so cute! A girl can never get enough noodles =)