Thursday, September 04, 2008


Anthony is ready for the 5th grade!
On their way to the bus stop!

This is only half the kids at the bus stop,
I couldn't fit them all in before the bus came!

Anthony was off on his first day of 5th grade, and Eddie was preparing for his afternoon kindergarten class. He is one lucky boy, who gets to relax, watch cartoons and eat a leisurly breakfast before school! On this day, his first day of school, he even took a swim in the pool with daddy! I guess these are the benefits of having afternoon K ! He was excited and kept asking, "can we go now?!" We made him a nice lunch and he dressed for his day!

Oh, so handsome!!

Another walk to the bus stop!

"G" and Eddie, they are in the same class too!

There goes my kindergartener!
He climbed on and off he went...
I hoped he would have a good day!
My 5th grader enjoyed his first day and was happy to have a little courtyard attached to his classroom. He was excited that his class would be able to feed the turtles and the fish in the pond.
A half hour later we all ventured back to the bus stop to pick up our little guy. He was all smiles as he jumped off the bus and seemed happy! He said they took a tour of the school, colored and ate their snack. Today, he couldn't wait to see his teacher again :)

Had to share a video of my K -boy:
*Pause the music by scrolling down to the bottom and clicking the pause button!


Colleen said...

Love those back to school photos!!!! Hope you are doing OK Mommy after sending off your Kindergartener!:)He looks adorable!!!!! Here's to a great year!!!!!
Isn't afternoon K great!!! I didn't think I would be this happy with it!

Anonymous said...

These pics are so great! The boys look so handsome. I'm glad E and A had a good first day! This was a big day for E!

Love Aunt Michie :)

Aunt Debbie said...

Love this boy so much!!
Eddie you look so handsome on your first day of K!!
We love you and are so proud of you!

Melissa said...

Glad to hear Eddie loved his first day of Kindergarten!! I was actually thought of him often this week and was wondering how he was doing!