Thursday, October 30, 2008


It's Halloween week! It is the beginning of the busiest time of year, with school parties, goodie bags, costumes, etc. Mia and the girls in her dance class had to come dressed in costume this week. It was her debute as Belle! Oooooo did I have fun putting together her costume and accessories ~ it was a dream come true to have my little girl dress as a princess (again!). Belle is the only princess Mia seems to recognize; she is on her sippy cup, her princess couch and whenever she points to Belle, she gives me Belle's cheesy smile :) Too cute! So, Belle it was (don't have to twist this mommy's arm!) As I was dressing my little princess, I noticed her with THE bunny bag - it's been missing for a while and I sort of forgot about it. Mia acted like it was a long lost friend! Uh, oh I had gotten her a Belle pocketbook, wand and gloves ~ I've got to make that bunny disappear!
"I think I'll take both bags mommy!"
Once in the car, she was distracted watching the big purple guy and the bunny dropped to the floor (bye-bye bunny). When we arrived at dance we jumped out of the car and forgot all about bunny-bag :)

Belle & "Woof" (you have to read
Meaghan's blog to hear about her
"woof" story)
pretty princess

"T" as Ariel - beautiful

Cutie Pie

Mia checks a few times during class to make sure
mommy is still out there :)

"me again mommy!"

"There you are mommy!"

Dance class - Halloween '08

I made this ponytail streamer for
Mia's hair - none of the tiara's
could stay in place on her thin
strands of hair :)
It's exhausting being a princess :)


Red Thread to my Daughter said...

AWWW..My 3 princesses in one place..I love it. Mia makes the prettiest Belle I've seen. So cute.
Auntie Lisa

Vicky said...

OH so adorable !! I cant get over how big Mia is getting ! Miss you guys, lets get together soon.

Vicky & Emily

Barbara said...

Mia looks so adorable. I love the way her hair piece came out!!! Really nice pictures!

Melissa said...

Belle happens to be MY favorite princess!!

Anonymous said...

How cute can M be! Wow! She looks too precious in her her hair piece too...

Aunt Michie :)