Sunday, November 02, 2008

~ HALLOWEEN 2008 ~

We had a fun Halloween ~ this is the first year daddy was able to get home a bit earlier ~ by two hours, but it made such a difference! This was Mia's second Halloween, and although she looked somewhat confused when she saw all the neighborhood kids dressed up; she quickly began to get into the swing of trick-or-treating!
Anthony was some sort of scarey-guy,
Eddie & Mia were petrified of him!
he didn't keep his mask on very long,
thank goodness!
Eddie had planned on being Indy Jones, but when he
saw this Clone*Trooper costume ~ this was it!
not that he watches Star*Wars :)
E & M (and Penny) helped give out candy while waiting
for daddy to get home. Notice where all the goodies are,
someone took advantage while we were trick-or-treating!

Meggie stopped by for some treats!

We run into Taylor too!

When we returned home, I found many candy wrappers on the floor! Penny looked SO guilty and I was thankful she did not get into the chocolate ~ can you see her smacking her lips?! She seemed to enjoy the candy corn the best ~ hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!


amy said...

these are just precious. glad you guys had a good time

Sharon said...

Wow! They look great!! I love your front porch! So glad you all had a great time for Hal...!!

Barbara said...

Everyone looks great...Anthony a little scary, but great in a way lol! Mia looked beautiful...she makes the perfect princess :)

Colleen said...

Joanne, I commented but not sure if you received so will post again! Mia looks just beautiful in her Belle gown! Looks like everyone had a great Halloween...even Penny!!!!

Colleen said...

Sorry Joanne...just wanted to let you know that you have been tagged!!!!:) Check out my blog.

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures..and love Halloween! All the kids look so great in their costumes...the beauty and the is scary, but it looks great! I can't blame Penny for digging into the candy corn, they are yummy...

Aunt Michie :)

malinda said...

Too cute!!!!! But I had to laugh when I saw Mia wearing a jacket over her costume -- I remember my "mean mommy" making me do that as a child! Thank goodness we had a warm Halloween here in Texas so I wasn't put to the test of my childhood resolution never to make MY kids wear a coat over their costumes!