Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We had our first field trip this past weekend ~ we all met in Flushing (a large Chinese community) for a walking tour with our Chinese school teacher, Man Li. The weather was misty and cloudy, but we hoped it would clear up.... Mia & Meg with Ken (Michelle's foreign exchange student)

The girls with their teacher

We started out our tour at a kung-fu school. Mia loved watching the kids jump, yell and kick! They looked really good ~ our entire class plus a few more families sat around on the floor watching their "show", umm except Miss Mia ~ she was all over!

"No mommy, I just cannot sit still"

Mia watches the performance,

she is very interested in their swords. . .

Michelle & Meg

Afterwards, the parents and kids are asked to come up and try out some of the kung-fu moves. It is hard and takes much balance!

"Aren't you scared of me!?"
While I do kung-fu, Daddy catches Mia

with one of the swords! (it is fake)

We then walked through the streets and stopped at a pharmacy, the streets and shops were very crowded ~ afterwards we went for a yummy lunch. I then realized Mia had wet through her diaper, pants and shirt and a very kind mother lent me an extra outfit she had (thank you!). Since I had Mia in her panda dress (from ) I just took off her wet clothes and put the one piece outfit under her panda dress!

"Oooo Mommy a water wall!"

Daddy & Mommy with their little princess!

Mia ate two bowls of these noodles ~ she was in heaven!

Sweet Meggie!

"Look, it's raining!"
Mia used up some energy
climbing these stairs,
some, but not all!

We have so many "sayings"
for how active Miss Mia can be:
"what a busy bee"
"she has ants in her pants"
"she's a loose canon"
"she's a wild woman"
"does anyone have a straight jacket?"

Since it started to rain pretty hard, and our next stop on the tour was a quiet little Buddhist temple, we decided to end our tour and head home. It was an interesting day and I think Mia will enjoy is more when she's a bit older.
Ta da!
I have been playing around trying to make a panda bear
clippie and I think I am happy with how it came out.
It is entirely make of grosgrain ribbon and it has a
black rhinestone on his bow!
It matched Mia's dress perfectly :)


Shandra said...

Looks like a fun day! LOve the clippie. Appears you may have a new talent.

Barbara said...

Looks like such a nice day...I love Mia's dress on her...even better then on the hanger :) I also got a kick out of her holding the sword...that is so MIA!

redmaryjanes said...

Your girls are so darling! I have that same panda jumper for my daughter, hopefully she will soon be home to wear it.

Anonymous said...

How nice that you are relatively close to pockets of Chinese culture - it would be harder to get all that here in Memphis. I miss all that stuff myself - I would love to have tagged along to see it all with Mia in action! She really is a special spirit, and oh so cute!
I love your panda bow, by the way. Your creative streak really has found its outlet!
love, Miriam

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Seeing Mia in her panda dress made my day! You did a great job on the matching clippie! I loved all of the Christmas photos. I know its disappointing when they don't turn out the way we dreamed they would but years down the road they become even more special. Our son had trouble with the "big brother" status when Lauren came home. He had been the "baby" for 9 years. But they now adore one another. I still can't believe how close our daughter's name is to the sound of your Mia. (Mia Hope YiNan)
Have a nice Thanksgiving with your beautiful family!!!