Thursday, November 20, 2008


Oh what fun it is to get the "perfect" Christmas card photo ~ NOT! Believe or not, I took these photos a few days before Halloween. I planned on doing them a certain night and it just so happened that Ed (the husband :) was running late this night (on purpose? I wouldn't blame him, but no it was the 'trains' fault). Anyhow, I bravely dressed the 3 monkeys; begged and bribed for a calm photo session. I'm not going to lie, it was rough (isn't it supposed to get easier as they get older?! Not in this house ~ the kids get silly, they get annoyed, they get wild! I did get THE photo on this night and had the cards finished and delivered, yes delivered on Halloween!! I'm awesome (or sick); however, you want to look at it :) Enjoy:

Love how Mia has them by their ties :)

~ Singing ~
This is where it gets wild!

We change spots ~ nope, didn't help

Daddy didn't appreciate this one!

This photo means so much to me.
Eddie has come a long way in "accepting" his big brother status.
I love their expressions :)

Melt my heart!

The boys
so different
so loveable!
At this point, they'd had enough. Their shoes were off, shirts untucked...
I just snapped a few more of the little miss alone and called it a night
(um, that means had a glass of wine!)
Love how her legs are crossed :)

~ singing, again ~

~ she had to stand on the chess table ~

But, she is oh so pretty
~ my girl ~


Barbara said...

It is so nice to see all the pics that didn't make it. The one of Eddie and Mia is great. You have to frame that one! I also love the one of Anthony and Mia! Mia looks so pretty all dressed up and, of course, the boys look georgous as always!

Vicky said...

The are GREAT pictures !! I LOVE the one where Mia is holding the boys ties !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sea star said...

I almost did a whole video last year of those photos that didn't make it! I haven't even attempted this year yet. I'm still having dillusional thoughts that we could actually have a referral to put with it this year....nothing like saying she's not here yet....AGAIN.

I love the photos of Mia with her brothers. It would melt any Mom's heart.