Monday, October 27, 2008


"We're ready to make cookies"
What a smile!

My little artisit ~ makes it just right

Mmmmm Good!
Mia could have 'iced' this little cookie all night long.
She sat here long after her brothers were done. . .
just spreading teeny tiny bits of icing on with a pink spoon :)
It was so sweet!
The finished product(s)
Do you see the 'shark' eyeing our cookies?!


Daniella said...

Those cookies look delicious! Your children are beautiful - you captured their expressions perfectly. Love the shark looking at her prey. Thanks for your kind words today.

Colleen said...

How fun!! I love your little guys happy expression! Looks like Mia took her cookie decorating very serious!!:) I was not going to bake halloween cookies for at home this year because of their parties at school and then all their trick or treating loot, but seeing these has made me think of changing my mind!

Barbara said...

Looks like so much fun and such special family time...makes me want to bake cookies :)