Friday, October 17, 2008


I've been a busy beaver lately ~ having fun making hair accessories for my little princess. I'm getting better, burning my fingers less (glue gun) and coming up with some fun ideas. I took apart a stem of silk flowers, applied a rhinestone and ta da. . . a cute flower clippie!

When I was finished with the clippie I put it in Mia's

hair to see the size ~ the kids were playing right

under my feet (is there ever anywhere else?) and

I look down to find this mess, they were "cooking"!

Ahhh, can't you smell them?! I was real happy with the turnout!

Later on in the day we stopped by Meaghan Grace's house.

They were making Halloween sugar cookies ~

it was FUN! (Thanks Michelle for letting Mia throw

around the flou/r ~ now that's a good Auntie!)

This is our Fall "display" ~ we have so much fun

every year arranging the flowers, hay, etc.

We also love to walk/drive around the

neighborhood to have a looksie at everyone

else's displays ~ love this time of year!

I video taped some of missy ~ what a character!! Enjoy:


Barbara said...

These are some great shots...I love the video also! Mia is just so happy :) You are really doing great with the bows...the flowers look great!!!! Can't wait to see what you are going to make next :) See you real soon :)

Anonymous said...

I just loved this Jo, too cute..your hair clips came out so great, really pretty! It is so fitting for such a princess!

It looks like such a nice fall day..Aunt Michie :)

Sharon said...

I loved the cute video, she is so precious and her flowers are adorable!!

Colleen said...

Ohhhh that video is too cute!! What a clever little girl Mia is!!!:) Do you have many flowers left in your beautiful Fall display!?;) They sure love to pick those flowers don't they!
Those bows are adorable!! You have been busy!!!