Sunday, October 05, 2008


We started our first day of Chinese Heritage and Language "School" on Saturday! I have been looking so forward to this day, and what makes it even sweeter is that Meaghan Grace and her mommy are going too!

~ pretty princess ~

~ silly princess ~

~ happy princess ~
This program sounded so interesting ~ we will learn language, heritage, culture and dance! I love that Mia and I take the class together and learn side by side. We joined through our local FCC and the first day was fun! We learned colors, how to introduce ourselves and a few songs. Mia seemed to enjoy herself and really had fun with the songs, but tired of sitting on the mat while learning colors ~ it is just a toddler class and I'm sure they have seen worse.

~ Meaghan Grace and Mia Hope ~

~ pretty girls ~

~ school girl ~

~ "I don't want to be late!" ~

~ in class, Mia pulled up a chair at the table
and wanted a snack (that's my girl),
I pulled out the stickers and they were a hit ~

~ watching the girls, sitting together, learning together
just warmed my heart, as I'm sure it did Michelle's ~
~ after class, we attempted a "photo shoot" ~

~ they covered every inch of this bench ~
~ checking out their goodie bags ~

~ China Sisters ~
It is my dream that someday Mia will return to her birth country, maybe to teach or help others. My hope is that she will be involved somehow, someway in bringing more of her China sisters home . It is my dream and hope and not hers (as of yet), which I am well aware; but these dreams and hopes we have are what keep us going. . .
Meaghan's mommy and I have talked about returning to China with our daughters, maybe to work in an orphanage, to help in some way. What a blessing to have them in our lives and to share in these hopes and dreams together.


Shawnstribe said...

what fun, and what a beautiful post.
I went to China with my best friend to do volonteer work in private foster homes with OCDF.
we had an awesome time.
Dreams like these can and will come true :)

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

The two girls are just so cute together. I could eat them both up!!!

I know that one day you will do that and help others bring their daughters home.

Michelle said...

I, too, count my blessings for the gift of our "China Sisters" and look forward to the day that we return to China together...we love you!
Michelle and Meg

Meredith Teagarden said...

Mia is absolutely darling!! Thank you for your sweet post to me!

Colleen said...

As usual the girls look adorable together! What a special relationship they have and it is so wonderful them taking this class together.

3 Peanuts said...

Love the "silly princess one" and I am SO impressed that you made her bows (saw Michelle's post too). I want to go with you when you two go to china with the girls....


Sharon said...

So cute and great life shots! We are going in two days to our first mandarin cultural class so I was glad to see how much fun they had. I know what you mean about dreams for them. I was thinking 'chinese embassodor ' or something! haha But its beasutiful ,your dream, keep it close!