Thursday, October 02, 2008

"T" is for TROUBLE!!!

Mia + Hope + Yudan = TROUBLE!
Penny's first lollipop!
I know I've mentioned how active my little princess is; but have I mentioned all the trouble she gets into? I must have. . .

I catch Miss Mia ALL the time doing things she should not:

One day I was cooking (she must know I am distracted at this time and takes full advantage, as any trouble-maker would!), and I hadn't seen missy in a few minutes and called and called for her - I found her standing on the window sill in the living room, granted these windows are tall, but she pushed over a wooden box (treasure chest-like - oh, it's the one I am always posing her on...) and climbed onto the window sill and was standing there "holding" onto the window - body, hands and face smushed up against the window!

Two days ago I was looking for noodles (again, it's dinnertime) and I open the pantry, pull out the bottom drawer and find it empty! "MIA!!!!!!!!!!" - I find her in the playroom, pushing her shopping cart; which is piled up high with the contents of my pantry drawer! She stacked 5 boxes of pasta, 2 boxes of rice, 2 boxes of lasagna noodles and 2 bags of stuffing mix in her cart!

The other night, I found Mia Hope, plastic chair pulled up the light switch, two crayons in her hand, drawing on the wall and switch cover!!! I have never experienced this before. I do have two boys, two very active boys; however, they have not done half the things their sister is doing! She is a wild woman, she keeps me on my tows, she is precious, she is Mia!

Wild + keepin' mom on her tows + precious = Mia Hope Yudan!
Oh, how I adore you Mia!


Red Thread to my Daughter said...

love the signature!!!!

Colleen said...

Love it!!! Penny must be in heaven having Mia around!!:)
I can so relate....Faith has done so many things that the boys would have never tried to get away with!:) Sure makes your days adventurous!!
Love the signature too!! How did you do this???

Joanne said...

Colleen, it must be a "girl-thing" - never a dull moment with my princess :)

Glad you like my signature, I'm getting so fancy :)
Here's the link:

My friend/neighbor over at "redthreadtomydaughter" (she is expecting a referral any day from Taiwan too!!) gave me this website: and it has many tips to pretty-up your blog ~ have fun!

Melissa said...

Mischievious, but sooooo cute!!!!