Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I should be saying "Xin Nian Kiau Le", which is the Mandarian way to say Happy New Year; this is the dialect Mia had heard- but which ever version - hope all of our friends have a happy & prosperious New Year!

I had so much fun dressing Mia on this morning in her red silk outfit. My breath was taken away by how beautiful she was ~ she was glowing ~ if I don't say so myself, my girl is a beauty!

I must show off my gift from Ken (Michelle's exchange student from China) ~during our Chinese New Year party the previous night, he presented me with some gorgeous gifts from China: table runner, placemats, pillow cases! All gorgeous and so very appreciated ~ just one example of my gifts:
Thank you, Ken!
Ok, back to our day : we are all dressed for our day, and out the door early to meet up with Meaghan Grace, her mommy, brother, Mikey and Ken (their exchange student); and we all met at our boys school to talk about Chinese New Year and do a craft in their class!

Anthony was so proud to show off his little sister and brother!
Mia & Meg check their zodiacs :)

Michelle hands out our dragon craft to the kids.

Ken is one special & sweet guy (Mikey thinks so too!)
Ken did a powerpoint presentation about his country.
He was wonderful with the kids, handing out "prizes"
for answering questions correctly!

Their first chess game!

Anthony, Mia, Eddie, Me, Devin, Michelle, Meg, Ken & Mikey
Anthony & Devins' class were great,
very involved, curious and eager to learn!
Just Perfect!


Anonymous said...

DARLING pictures! LOVE the red.

PletcherFamily said...

Happy New Year! I cannot believe this is the second year already we are celebrating with our kiddos!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

It sounds like a huge success! I bet the teacher appreiciated it too. Yes, you can say that Mia is a beauty because she is. Love her outfit.
Auntie Lisa

Princess Diaries said...

She is beautiful- she is absolutely glowing. I love your CNY decorations- did you order the paper lanterns online?

Anonymous said...

Looks fun and the girls are beautiiiful!

Anonymous said...

M looks too beautiful for words in her red outfit, wow! What a nice way to spend the day. You should be so proud to have such a wonderful family..Aunt Michie :)