Monday, January 26, 2009


Happy Chinese New Year
Last night we hosted our Chinese New Year party! We had a great time, with great friends! We started this tradition last year, and each family made a Chinese dish (to the best of our abilities :) , we ate with chopsticks and tried to honor our daughters birth countries and customs as best we could. We look forward to this each year and switch houses - according to who came home: last year Meaghan's family hosted the party since she came home May '07, Mia came home next in Sept '07, and it looks like Owen will be coming home next month; and then Miss Paige in the spring!

It's beginning to look a lot like Chinese New Year:

~ Daddy with his China Princess ~

Me, Lisa, Ken, Michelle, Melissa
"Let's Eat!"

The menu consisted of chicken lo mein, shrimp stir fry, Peking pork chops, chicken fried rice, soup, dumplings . . . wow! Each family made a delicious dish and afterwards we asked Ken (Michelle's exchange student from China) how we all did - did anything taste like it did back home? Ken, being very politically correct, went down the list of dishes and complimented EVERY one ~ he is one great kid and we all feel so lucky getting to know him !

~ China Sisters ~

~ my favorite photo ~

Brianna & Ella:
they will meet their little brother, Owen
next month!
Ooooo, birthday gifts!
Meggie helps Mia open a present
thank you Meggie I love it!!
Oh, thank you Auntie Lisa!!

Auntie Michelle made this excellent Barney cake!!
Thank you so much Mia just adored it
(as I'm sure you noticed :)
"Happy Birthday to you"
(Mia's birthday is next Monday!!)

"Mmmmm, cake!"

"Lucky Mommies"
Thank you all for the gift of your friendship. The bond we all share is so very special and will only continue to grow from here. We look so forward to meeting our two newest "members"; Owen and Paige - that is when we will be complete. Next year, we will ALL be together ~ what a very special celebration that will be ~


Barbara said...

What a nice tradition! It looks like everyone had such a wonderful time! Mia looks adorable in her special outfit!

sandy said...

What a beautiful night and such great pictures!!! You guys are all so lucky to have one another!!!

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for hostessing a very special night! Great fun was had by all 8 members of our household. I, too, look forward to a completed group next year!

Colleen said...

Great job!!!!!! Looks like a great time had by all!!! So special for you all to be able to celebrate together!
Mia looks so happy and she looks too cute with her Barney cake! When Faith was her age she adored Barney.
Did you ever find the stuffed ox??

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

We had a great time too!!! Thank you for hosting this special holiday. I cant wait until next year when everyone will be home.
Love Lisa

ps I also got my Meggie and Mia fix.

Dawn said...

What a fun party...your China Prncess looks so happy!!! Barney is VERY impressive too!!

Anonymous said...

I am inspired to try this myself next year :)! looks fun!