Monday, March 02, 2009


All ready for the party!
(Mia's purple silk outfit is one, of many, I bought
while in China. I just love this color! I am a fan
of purple since our birthdays fall in February :)
My boys :)

Eddie loves to model for mommy
(all of a sudden!)

Unfortunately, our FCC (Families with Children from China) party was cancelled due to low attendance. We really enjoyed their party last year - which was our first since Mia had just come home. Our Chinese Language & Culture class decided to throw a CNY party for all of us, which turned out to be a fun time for all.

We learned how to make dumplings!
I really enjoyed this and could have done this the entire day :)
It was fun :)

Anthony made a few.
Eddie just watched.
Mia said "ewwww"
Daddy took pictures...

Pretty Purple Princesses

Jade & Pearl;
Mia & Meg
Mia's Chinese name "Yu" means jade; and
Meaghan's English & Chinese names mean Pearl
Look at those precious little hands ~

love my hugs :)

Mikey & Eddie truly enjoy playing together.

Ken, Mikey, Anthony & Eddie

Happy Chinese New Year
My China Princess!


Barbara said...

Mia and Meg look so cute in their matching purple outfits. Really nice shots. Glad you had a nice time! Eddie is too adorable with his posing...I love it. He has become a model :) and I think he is perfect for the job!

Michelle said...

A wonderful time was had by all:) I think purple is a perfect color for Mia and I loved her purple flowers! The boys looked very handsome. It is so much fun to watch Eddie grow...