Wednesday, March 04, 2009


We were hit with over a foot of snow Sunday night into Monday morning! Our school district sent out announcements closing the schools on Sunday night ~ not that anyone slept late the next morning :) We woke to a snow covered yard and it continued throughout the day. I have been soooo ready for Spring, but it was just beautiful outside, really beautiful :)

The kids were all smiles as the cold & snow hit their faces ~ you couldn't help but smile :) I couldn't get over how deep the snow was - Mia's little legs were lost in it!

As I was video taping, I looked down to find Eddie scooping snow into a shoebox he found in the garage. . . who thinks of these things? . . . . Eddie does :)

For a southern girl, Mia sure doesn't mind the cold!

Look at those luscious, rosy cheeks :)


Michelle said...

Luscious, rosy cheeks indeed! Children and snow...nothing like it!

PletcherFamily said...

Looks like the kids had fun! I am still not used to all of this snow!

Barbara said...

Great outdoor the one of your 3 kids on the sleigh! U made the snow look good even to me :)

Maggie May said...

Just popped by!
Mia is such a beautiful little girl! You are both lucky to have each other.