Saturday, March 07, 2009


Mia Hope, you just love to dance! It doesn't take much; a commercials' jingle, a cartoons theme song or sometimes you break out into a dance all on your own :) You have such a personality honey ~ and I am not the only one who can just sit and watch you ~ you are very entertaining!

One day when Aunt Barbara was over, she commented,

"Mia just dances through life!",

how true!

Mia is most likely a desendent of the Zhuang minority people (she has many of the characteristics; one being her prominent forehead); and they are known for their love of song & dance ~ how fitting:

"The Singing Festival is a traditional occasion which was held before 1940 to visit graves of the ancestors. Now it has become a grand sentimental occasion using songs for their expression. On that day, the Zhuang people will sing to each other to challenge each other not only the song itself but also wit. Lyrics are usually improvisational and humorous that makes every one burst into laughter. It is also a perfect day for the young men to express their love to the girls by singing, so it is also reputed as the Valentine's Day of the Zhuang ethnic minority."

"Zhuang dances are characterized by distinct themes, forceful and nimble steps, jocular and humorous gestures and true-to-life emotions. The Rice-Husking Dance, Silk-Ball Dance, Shrimp-Catching Dance, Tea-Picking Dance, Shoulder-Pole Dance and Bronze-Drum Dance not only vividly depict the Zhuangs' life and work, but also display their straightforward, unbending nature."

My little monkey
jumpin' on the bed

I love these photos
my girl is beautiful from any angel :)
P.S. I found this dance/leotard at TJ*M*xx for $12.99!!
Mia found her dolly in her keepsake box.
This is the doll from her care package.
I know it must have given her so much comfort,
and it still does :)

Dance Class Video: "hopping"

Dance Class Video: "Meg helping Mia along":


Anonymous said...

I bought this tutu for Ella. For a minute I thought Melissa regifted (LOL). Mia is adorable.

Shandra said...

What a great way to go through life! She is dancing Queen.....

Barbara said...

May she always dance through life :) She looks adorable in her new dance outfit! Love it! The videos are so cute too!

Colleen said...

What a sweet post and sweet photos. I love her little tutu! I love how she "dances through life!"

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

SO adorable... they all pretty much do their own thing. Love the Tutu outfit....

Anonymous said...

How cute, oh my! I was enjoying this post. The video is priceless. I think she might take after her aunt (I love to think I would like to try the shrimp-catching dance..:) I just love her tutu.

Aunt Michie :)