Thursday, March 12, 2009


Last weekend we had a warm and sunny Saturday ~ this first sign of Spring brought all the kids out on our court ~ boy have they grown :) Spring around our house = baseball! This year Eddie is very excited to start t-ball with our towns little league. He was very hyped up to go outside with Anthony & daddy and learn a few "tips":

It is funny that my post is titled "Signs of Spring" and there is snow still on the ground! We will take what we can get around here. By the end of the day, the snow was all melted and we continued to have mild weather (for NY) for the next few days. . . until today that is- it's a bit chilly again, in the 40's.
Anthony already had his first practice this week...a two hour practice. His coach seems like a great guy and he seems dedicated and involved. Eddie & Mia kept busy picking up sticks and rocks; and then they watched some DVD's in the car; and then we made a quick trip to McD's. For a first l-oooong practice it wasn't bad :)

~ frustrated ~

Looking for the bunny
(or "hop hop" as Mia would say)

Anthony takes a rest with Mia
ahhhh, what fresh air does :)
Come back "Spring" ~ we miss you !


Barbara said...

Oh to my ears :) What a nice post with signs of spring...Mia looks great in her poncho and the boys look like they are having a ball playing baseball. The last picture is priceless!

Colleen said...

Awwwww that last photo is priceless!:)

Daniella said...

great pics - spring has almost sprung it seems :)

Anonymous said...

These pics really make you anxious for spring. Baseball and warmer temperatures, ah, finally a few days of warmth right, even though we're still in March, it's nice to think warm..:) I love M in her little poncho! I LOVE the last pic, precious!

Aunt Michie :)