Monday, March 30, 2009


We got together with our friends and had our Easter Egg Coloring party over the weekend. We always look forward to these traditions and spending time with these wonderful friends. This year it was at Barb & Tom's house ~ they set up the garage for the egg coloring ~ it actually wasn't too messy this year?! Do the little ones look happy or what?!

Aunt Michie helps Eddie out!

The girls first choice was PINK!

Mia is still light enough to hold "football" style :)
While the kids colored eggs, the daddys' were assigned a very important job: hiding the plastic eggs around the house! Each kid had their own color and the dad's hid the eggs according to age. They were told to hide the eggs still in the plastic bag in a more difficult spot, since these eggs were filled with money!
Mia ready for the egg hunt
Madison's ready too!
Eddie is doing pretty good!
So, the egg hunt was going real well, until the kids were all having trouble finding their last egg. . . we tried to help as best we could, but even the mom's couldn't find them! We complained to the dad's and told them they shouldn't have made it soooooooo hard. After some bantering back and, the dad's realized they NEVER hid the eggs with the $ in them! They were still in the plastic bag ~ while we feverishly looked for them...
The kids all agreed, next year the mom's were in charge of the egg hunt :)
Anthony & Alexa at the pool table
Uncle Tommy helps Anthony out
We always joke how much Eddie looks like Brandon & Max
The triplets :)

a bit early :)
P.S. Thanks B&T for another great night ~


Colleen said...

What a great time! You have the most special traditions with your friends!

Barbara said...

It was another fun filled time with you guys!!! It sure got me in the Easter spirit! You are right...we will be laughing about that "egg incident" for many years to come :) Can't wait for our next get is always so special!

RamblingMother said...

How cute! What a fun time.

3 Peanuts said...

looks like a lo of fun!!!!