Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Now we have two "ball players", as my dad calls them, in the family. My little guy had his first ever t-ball practice, and the cuteness was almost too much :) My cheeks hurt from smiling when practice was over ~ Oh, he is just adorable!
Daddy asked if "E" was waiting for a
bird to fall from the sky:)
Love how his leg comes up when he throws the ball!

"Hi Mom!"

My big guy is really into pitching this year. He had his practice earlier in the day and said it was his best practice! The coach spent a lot of time with him and he has been perfecting his "pitching skills". I caught a few photos of him in the batting cage during Eddie's practice.

Mia had fun just "hangin' " out :)

Love how he's "watching" himself run...

What a boy!


Barbara said...

OMG just too cute...I love these pictures! Eddie to just the cutest!

Colleen said...

What a fun time for you! And busy, huh?! Such handsome "ball players!"

Michelle said...

I love the photos. Eddie is just too cute! It is so much fun seeing him in uniform out there. And watch out teams -- Anthony is looking like quite the pitcher!