Sunday, April 12, 2009


We are back from our North Carolina vacation and ready to celebrate Easter with our family! I will catch up on our blog/scrapbook after Easter Sunday!

~ Hoppy Easter from our

China Princess ~

AND her brothers!

***ahhhh, it's good to be home :)


barbara said...

Happy Easter...It is good to have all of you home!!! Everyone looks great in their Easter attire :)

Colleen said...

Happy Easter!!! Awwww, Mia looks adorable in her pretty dress and with her handsome brothers.
Hope you had a fun trip and the drive went well!!!

Anonymous said...

What nice pictures of the kids! Looks like you had a Happy Easter. Love Mia's dress, and she looks like such a happy little girl, and her brothers have glowing smiles as well. Our Easter was spent without power, as our neighbor's tree fell into our backyard during one of our wild April storms, knocking out the fence and our power! With no stove or oven, we ended up doing Chinese takeout!