Saturday, April 04, 2009


Today was opening day for the boys ~ Anthony has been playing with our little league for 5 years now (wow!), and this is Eddie's very first year (t-ball, just too cute!). The boys were all excited ~ we just wished the weather was less chilly, with less rain and less wind ~ but it wasn't less fun :)~ secret handshake ~
(so cute :)
We were able to go home after the opening day festivities to eat (and warm up a bit) before Eddie's very first game. It was drizzling a bit, but stopped in time for the game. My boy just looked so happy to be playing baseball and he was so very cute, if I don't say so myself :)

~ in the dugout ~

~ Ant & his buddy ~

~ "Hi Mom" ~

~ love his determination ~
(see Mia & daddy in the background?!)

~ Eddie's famous "stance", I wish I could be this relaxed all the time ~

~ My Boys ~

My big boy has his first game later this afternoon. Then we will finish our packing for our trip south! We are driving down to spend some time with cousins ~ the kids (and us parents) are very excited to go away together. It is our first car drive as a family and we have packed the snacks ~ many, many snacks ~ my kids eat like horses!
We just decided to take another member of our family along for the ride ~
another first:
~ Penny!~
Yup, we decided to bring Penny along since our hotel is "pet friendly". She misses us so much when we are away AND her 4th birthday is Thursday ~ how can we leave our birthday girl behind?!
Wish us luck ~ a lot of firsts could turn into some lasts (he, he, he just kidding! I am excited and happy that our whole family will be together).
Bye ~


Daniella said...

Love the baseball pics! Have a wonderful time on your trip - Hopefully Spring will have sprung by the time you return.

Barbara said...

Have a GREAT time and hurry back home :) We'll miss you around here!!!! The boys look great and it also looks like opening day was a success even though it was freezing! Eddie looks so proud...I love it!

Colleen said...

Have a great trip!!!!! It is always nice to get away. I hope Penny does well. We always take the dogs with us on our week-end getaways. It's tougher now with 2 dogs. Ruby is a great traveler (she even went to Disneyland with us one year!) but with Pearl it is a little more challenging:)

Sharon said...

Looks like a blast! Of course you had to bring that sweet pup haha

I just wanted to pop over and wish you and you precious family a very Happy Easter!! I will be thinking of you! Hope you take lots of shots!!