Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ahhh, what a gorgeous Saturday we had ~ what a great day for a birthday :) We started out with our t-ball game, which was adorable, as usual. We have so much fun watching "E" out there on the field. He is SO laid back - at one point his entire team was running off the field to their dugout to get ready to bat; and our little guy was just hangin' out on the field ALL BY HIMSELF until the coach ran out and ushered him off the field :) He is just such a character!

*Oh, I cannot forget to document what happened at his last game: "E" was up at bat and hit the ball - then ran straight to. . . 3rd base!! All the while his coach is yelling to him and pointing to 1st base, but he just kept running and the coach was still running after him. When he caught up to "E" he pointed to 1st base and Eddie just took his time running to 1st - then stopped a bit before, so he could SLIDE into 1st base :) It was the cutest thing ever!!
"Why do my brothers love this stuff?"

Mia loves to take care of her baby
In between games we came home to eat and play around a bit on this gorgeous day. Mia had some fun with her big brothers:

I love how her little fists are clenched together :)

Mom's gotta have fun too!
(yeah, I'm wearing slippers)

On Sunday, we celebrated Eddie's birthday with our family ~ he was just beaming and loved every minute of playing with his cousins:

(well, he's not beaming in this photo, but trust me he was happy)
LOVE this photo of Mia & Poppy!
(Mia came out of the playroom and had put on her
Belle dress ~backwards :)
Mia getting ready for cake with U.Frank & A. Mary!

"Happy Birthday to you"
(Nope that's not the Cl*ne Tr**per cake I had promised my boy.
I had made a template of the clones helmet & cut the cake into that shape.
The cake was falling apart & crumbling :(
I tried my best to keep it together - the cake & my heart
But, Daddy ran out to our fav. ice cream place for a replacement
Sorry honey!!)

My boy !
**Also have to document "E" loosing his front, top tooth, um before it's time on this night. His tooth has been loose for a few days, but after playing with his brothers & cousins, we heard a scream & crying and there was a big bloody hole where his tooth had been... Anthony found the tooth & the tooth fairy came through that night with two silver dollars!! Whew, trust me when I say it was emotional!


PletcherFamily said...

Happy Birthday to Eddie! It looks like he had a great day. Kudos to you for even trying such a challenging cake - I am impressed!

I love the T-ball story. Arlington is getting ready to start and I have a feeling she would do the same thing! :)

Barbara said...

Looks like a great weekend ...lots of fun! Love to see Eddie happy ...he is too cute! Still love Eddie's T-ball story...it is so Eddie :)

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Eddie. LOVE all the picutures. Glad to see they gave you a turn on the car too!!! The "running to third" story...how cute!!!


Sharon said...

That pic of you on the car is priceless!! You are a fun mom!

Happy bfay to that handsome boy of yours and Mia's hair is growing! such cute piggys! Love her as belle! What an angel!!