Monday, April 27, 2009


What happened to Spring? Our temp's this weekend hit the high 80's and the kids were lovin' it! We had two baseball games, and it was such a pleasure to sit out there and watch the games. At home, everyone wanted to be outside ~

~ Eddie loves to fix and Mia loves to be his helper ~

"A" and his diabolo!

~ Posing with hands on "hips" ~

~ Making "cheese" ??? ~

~ Pretty Princess ~

~ Pretty Princess loves motorcyles (to daddys dismay :) ~

*Spring-time temp's expected at the end of the week ~ so we'll enjoy our summer weather for a few more days ~ very confusing :)


Barbara said...

Jo, I love all these is better then the next! I am so glad that summer is here early and your pictures make it even better :)

Melissa said...

It was a beautiful weekend indeed :)

Sharon said...

Us too in Cali. We have even had thunder storms, We never get those. Such cute shots of your gorgeous baby girl!!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Mia looks like such a big girl!!! Thank you for a wonderful shower. I was soooooo surprised!!!!!