Sunday, May 17, 2009


I've been a bad blogger lately ~ this time of year is always busy ~ it's amazing that it is already the end of the school year! Time flies...

This week Meggie celebrated her 2 year family day! She is such a sweetie and Mia really looks forward to seeing Meg ~ they are just so cute together ~ especially when they were playing dolls together :) "Happy Forever Family Day Meaghan Grace!"
We also went to my nephew (and Godson's) Spring concert Thursday night. His orchestra was fantastic and they also played a song with the band, which was just great! I really enjoyed it and so did the kids! We left shortly after the orchestra ended, since Mia was opening up our umbrella's and dancing up & down the aisles :)
That's my Frankie straight thru to the back!
Mia gets such a kick out of daddy lately - too cute! Whenever she has a cupcake or ice cream, etc pj's on, she loves to show daddy so he will "eat her up!" Here they are during a quiet, cuddle moment:)

Eddie jumps in for a hug!

which always turns into a throw-around-session?!


"more daddy!"
Mia just loves to dress up - she clicks around in her princess high heels and it is sooooooo funny! This morning, she ran into the playroom and dressed up:

"Good morning Eddie!!!"

"Yeah, I made a little bit of mess, mom..."
On to next week ~


Colleen said...

I know what you mean....this is such a busy time with school winding down.
I love your new sweet!
Have a great week!!!!

Barbara said...

Great, fun shots...all good things... that is how it should be!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

What? The fairy godmother didnt arrive to clean up the mess??

Love the dressup!!!