Monday, May 11, 2009


The day started out with bagels, a much needed cup of coffee and presents! Anthony made me a votive candle holder; which is just beautiful and I added that to Eddie's custom-made flower pot on my window sill :) I also got some more beads for my pand*ra's braclet ~ (Eddie picked out a little car-"minivan" bead - too cute!). My braclet is really coming along... The weather was sunny & windy, but warm enough ~

My handsome guy

"modeling" like her brother :)

Her "Belle" - smile!

In the afternoon we headed down to a local village-by-the-water for some window shopping & ice cream. There is a nice park there too and the kids had fun running around, climbing & swinging ~

Thanks to my "monkeys" for a real nice day ~ even though life can be crazy and chaotic at times ~ my three biggest blessings are always "counted" ~ I just love you guys all so so so much ~ thanks for giving so much meaning to this day!

*Thanks to my husband for always making things extra special ~ he is always concerned with what I want to do and if there is anything else I need to make my day better :)

He did surprised me with a fig tree yesterday ~ which is very meaningful ~ my great- grandmother had a fig tree which she has given pieces to my grandmother & then my mother ~ it has moved around from house to house when my mom moved. It has not been doing very well lately and therefore, I couldn't get a "piece" for my yard. Well, when we were in the car a few weeks back, we passed a road-side-stand with a sign for fig trees for sale. I told my husband about the fig-tree-story and he ended up surprising me with my very own fig tree for Mother's Day!
So sweet! He was concerned that it was not big enough though...
it is just perfect :)


Colleen said...

What a great Mother's Day! Sounds perfect! Love the photos!

Melissa said...

Happy Mother's day!! How thoughtful of Ed..good Hubby :)

Barbara said...

What a great Mothers Day celebration!!! Love all the pictures...Mia looks so pretty in purple and the boys look great as always!!!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

They all look so big here. Love that Mia is climbing in her dress.